January 1st, 2015

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information,
and have implemented the following Privacy Policy:
  • 1.In departments which handle Clients' information (hereafter "personal information"), a manager is assigned,
    charged with the responsibility of managing/handling data appropriately.
  • 2.When acquiring personal information from Clients, we will clearly communicate the key contact for the Client
    and will specify our subsidiaries to which we may disclose said information, prior to obtaining the necessary information.
  • 3.We will manage personal information provided by our Clients appropriately, and will never provide
    or disclose the information to a third party other than the companies to which the Client agrees to.
  • 4. In said situation (above 3.), we ensure the appropriate handling of the information by the companies to whom we share personal information with under the Client's agreement through our contract with these companies which stipulate that our Client's personal information are not to be leaked or re-disclosed to any other party.
  • 5.We may contact Clients via e-mails with what we deem to be useful information. Clients may opt out of receiving these e-mails by contacting us.
  • 6.If a Client wishes to confirm or update his/her own personal information in our database, the Client only needs to ask his/her contact within our company for a prompt response.
  • 7.We comply with laws and ordinances regarding the handling of personal information which we hold. We will also revisit and update our privacy policy as necessary.

For any inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.